Even healthcare providers with wonderful bedside manners may be too pressed for time to ask their patients in detail about their personal lives. And if you’re visiting a doctor for the first time, how can he or she know that you’ve got white coat syndrome, or a fear of needles?

Patients, by sharing a little bit of personal information about yourself with your healthcare provider, you can take a proactive step towards helping to improve your experience as a patient. Healthcare providers are in the business of helping people. Help them to help you by giving them a little insight into who you are - and what you need.

Busy healthcare professionals, you can benefit from insight into a patient, including learning a bit more about his or her personality and lifestyle, which may affect care decisions.

Our free Help Your Doctor Know YouSM worksheets were designed to help patients share one condensed and easily digestible page of non-medical, voluntary personal information with busy healthcare providers. Help Your Doctor Know Your ChildSM, Help Your Doctor Know Your Aging ParentSM and Other Doctors worksheets also available.


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